Man drinks beer, eats cookies while filming himself run 50-mile marathon

Emma Canavan

Running a 50-mile marathon is enough to give many people nightmares, but a young man in Arizona did just that – in denim shorts, while drinking beer and commentating on self-filmed footage as he went.

Jesse Weber ran the Antelope Canyon 50-miler last weekend, taking in stunning views along the Colorado River along the way.

His film captured the incredible experience - and his interesting, if somewhat unorthodox, refueling stops.

Jesse Weber as he sets of on a 50-mile marathon. Photo: Youtube/ Jesse Weber

By mile 11, his feet hurt but he kept going, perhaps helped by an all you can eat buffet that included some cookies and a cheese quesadilla.

A marathon feed. Photo: Youtube/ Jesse Weber

Mr Weber then spent 15 minutes at the 38.5-mile aid station where he downed a can of beer.

Not generally associated with re-hydrating, Mr Weber tops up with beer. Photo: Youtube/Jesse Weber

“I’m making an instructional video on how not to run an ultra-marathon,’ he told others stopping at the station.

Mile 40: “Everything hurts,” he said, and by mile 49 he exclaimed he was “20 yards from the finish line” and “going to die”.

Crossing the finish line - alive. Photo: Youtube/ Jesse Weber

But he didn’t. He made it across the line to hugs – and a medal.

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