Man discovers shocking note hidden in back of iPhone

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A man has shared a shocking note he claims to have discovered in the back of an iPhone he was attempting to repair.

In a clip shared to social media app TikTok, the technician explained how a husband and wife came in together to drop the damaged goods to him.

He told the couple to return in an hour, but he was left with a moral dilemma when he opened the back of the phone.

Inside the case was a $100 bill and a note from the husband that suggested he had been having an affair.

“Please tell my wife the phone is unfixable. she want (sic) to check the call history, $100 is yours, thanks,” the note said.

The man goes to fix an iPhone brought in by a couple. Source: TikTok/@maniwarda
The man goes to fix an iPhone brought in by a couple. Source: TikTok/@maniwarda

The repairman asked his TikTok followers what he should do – tell the wife or keep the money?

People were divided over what action the technician should take, with some urging him to tell the wife while others suggested not to get involved.

“She deserves to know,” one said.

“When they come back for the phone give it all back, note, money, all of it. Have no part of it. Tell him you couldn’t fix his ‘problem’,” another suggested.

“Good deeds pay more, tell her,” a third added.

However others urged the technician not to get involved in their marriage problems.

“Keep it, it’s not your problem to create an issue – $100 is yours services rendered, do him a favour and factory reset it,” one commented.

“Do your job and don’t make their problem yours,” another said.

“Don’t tell her and give him back the money,” somebody else suggested.

Technician hands iPhone back to wife

In a video filmed the next day, the technician is seen handing a woman back the iPhone7 while admitting he did not fix it.

“I didn’t fix it because, like, I opened it and this was what was inside,” he told the woman.

As she quietly read the note he said he wanted nothing to do with it and for the couple not to get him involved in their problems.

“Are you f***ing serious?” the woman yells after reading the note.

“He think he so f***ing slick.”

She then offers the technician $200 to repair the phone.

“I want it fixed, I want to see what he’s been f***ing doing,” she said.

A note found inside the phone suggested the husband had been cheating on his wife.
The note found inside the phone suggested the husband had been cheating on his wife. Source: TikTok/@maniwarda

As she started crying and becoming more hysterical, she said to the technician: “I want it fixed right f***ing now.”

The repairman said he didn’t know what to say, but told her he would fix it for her while reiterating he did not want anything to do with what was going on.

“I just feel bad because I want you to know the truth, but it’s none of my business,” he says to the woman before walking into the back room with the phone.

Many praised him on TikTok, saying he did the right thing.

“You may have just saved her years in an unfaithful marriage. I applaud you dear sir,” one wrote.

“Women everywhere are praising you,” another person gushed.

However some did criticise the technician, saying he broke the “bro code”.

Husband confronts technician

In a third video uploaded to TikTok, the repairman starts filming as he is confronted in the phone shop by a man believed to be the husband who left the note.

The husband came in to pick up the phone, stating it was the one with the note inside and the technician informs him his wife retrieved it already.

“My wife... that’s why I left a note in there,” he said.

The technician responds: “I know, I told her don’t get me involved in that s***.”

The phone technician told the wife about the note in the back of the iPhone.
The phone technician told the wife about the note. Source: TikTok/@maniwarda

The husband then says he did get involved before flying into a fit of rage and throwing what appears to be a perspex screen at the technician.

While some said that’s what you get for cheating, there were others speculating the video was fake.

“This whole story is fishy,” one said.

“This is staged,” another claims.

The man who posted the TikTok did not respond to the speculation.

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