Man complains about 'disgusting' find in KFC meal

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

A Melbourne was disgusted after tucking into a box of KFC only to find a safety pin and hair stuck to his chicken meal.

Self-described “long time eater”, Jamie Allen said he was unimpressed by the meal picked up at the Cranbourne take away restaurant, southeast of the city, on Sunday afternoon.

He said he was looking forward to his meal while “under the weather”, but was a bit put off by what he found inside his Zinger box.

A man has tucked into a box of KFC from a Cranbourne restaurant to find a safety pin and hair in his chicken lunch meal. Source: Jamie Allen / Facebook

“Are two of your secret herbs and spices, safety pins and hair?” he asked, in the caption accompanying the photo shared to Facebook.

Adding insult to injury, the man claims the unusual additives weren’t the only things wrong with his meal.

“Not really impressed and forgot my potato and gravy,” he wrote.

Mr Allen told Yahoo7 he had been in contact with KFC who want to collect the meal to send it off for testing.

“OMG that is disgusting,” one observer wrote in the Facebook thread.

Another joked it was “safety first”, at the fast food outlet.

Mr Allen told Yahoo7 he has been in contact with KFC who want to collect the meal to send it off for testing. Source: Jamie Allen / Facebook

Other customers responded to the thread with a string of complaints about the Cranbourne store.

Cranbourne store always stuffs up our order, raw bucket of chicken one night but glad I’ve never come across this thou! I drive down to carrum downs store now,” one wrote.

KFC replied to Mr Allen’s post, saying they “take these matters seriously”.

“Can you please send us a PM [personal message] with the details of your order [inc. time of visit] as well as your best contact details so we can follow this up with you,” an admin requested.

KFC has confirmed to Yahoo7 it was looking into the report.

“We are extremely concerned to hear of this incident, as serving great food, to the highest standards is of paramount importance to us,” a KFC spokesperson said.

“We have contacted the customer and are in the process of investigating this issue.”