Man's horrific injuries after 'Fitbit explodes' in middle of night

A man has shared images of the aftermath of an ‘exploding Fitbit’ that left him with third degree burns.

The man said he was asleep when he woke in a panic as he realised that his Fitbit had started burning his wrist.

“I quickly realised my Fitbit was burning up so I tried frantically to get it off,” he posted on Facebook along with photos showing a serious burn in the shape of a Fitbit on his wrist.

He described the intense pain and said the burn began to blister almost immediately.

A man posted images of his Fitbit that started smoking (left) and 'melted' his wrist (right). Source: Facebook

“It felt like it melted through my arm,” he said, adding that the “bedroom smelled like an electrical fire”.

“There was smoke coming out of the Fitbit battery,” he wrote.

After going to the emergency ward the man said he was referred to a wound clinic for further treatment.

“When I was seen at the wound clinic they informed me it was a third-degree burn, at my follow-up appointment they will determine if I need a skin graft,” he wrote.

The man shows off his large scar and says he has permanent nerve damage. Source: Facebook.

The eye-watering images have been shared on Facebook more than 248,000 times with some people commenting that they have had similar experiences.

“Similar happened to me! The Fitbit burned me, I thought the battery was on fire! It took three weeks to heal, the skin peeled like a sunburn,” one person wrote.

The incident left him with a “large scar” and he said he lost feeling “in parts of my wrist due to nerve damage”.

The images were originally posted in a ‘bariatric’ Facebook group and the man said he was sharing his story to warn others.

“This was a traumatic experience and I hope no one else has to go through it.”

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