Man Claims He Was ‘Asleep on the Couch’ as 3 Pals Lay Dead in Yard for Two Days

Reuters/Max Whittaker
Reuters/Max Whittaker

The lawyer of a Kansas City Chiefs fan told the New York Post on Tuesday that his client, Jordan Willis, was “asleep on the couch” while three of his pals were lying dead in the backyard of a rental home—for two days. The frozen bodies of David Harrington, 37, Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, were found by authorities earlier this month after a panicked fiancée of one victim went to the home searching for her partner. The friends gathered at a house rented by Willis to watch the Chiefs’ final home game on Jan. 7, but the get-together took a mysterious turn that ended with the three men’s deaths. Police in Missouri told Fox News that the men’s deaths are “100% NOT being investigated as a homicide,” and Willis’ lawyer, John Picerno, suggested they may have frozen to death after leaving the house to go to the bathroom or to have a smoke. Picerno also said he wasn’t ruling out the possibility that drugs may have played a factor in the deaths. Missouri authorities have been largely mum on the incident.

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