Man charged with 'murdering his ex-wife after she came out as gay'

A successful club president has been charged with murdering his ex-wife and mother of their three children because she came out as gay.

Brazilian police formally charged lawyer and social, sports and country club president Wagner Cardeal Oganauskas for the murder of his ex-wife, Ana Paula Campestrini.

Ms Campestrini was shot dead when she arrived home in the Brazilian city of Curitiba on June 22 and police chief Tathiana Guzella believed the crime was motivated by homophobia.

Wagner and Ms Campestrini separated four years prior to the incident after she came out as gay.

Ana Paula Campestrini is pictured left. Her ex-husband, Wagner Oganauskas (right), is suspected of her murder after a hitman fired 14 shots into her car in Brazil.
Ana Paula Campestrini was allegedly murdered by a hitman, hired by Wagner Oganauskas (right), who fired 14 shots into her car. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

She was in a relationship with a female partner at the time of the crime.

A suspected hitman named Marcos Antonio Ramon was also charged with murder.

Police believe he received a sum of BRL 38,000 (A$9738) to kill the victim.

Security camera footage shows the moment Ms Campestrini arrives at the gate to her building when a motorcyclist, who had been following her for 15 minutes, pulls up alongside her.

He draws a gun and fires 14 shots through her car window at close range before riding off.

Police later identified him as Ramon.

A gunman shoots into Ana Paula Campestrini's car when she arrived home. Source: Newsflash/Australscope
A gunman shoots into Ana Paula Campestrini's car when she arrived home. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Ms Campestrini and Wagner had three children – aged 9, 11 and 17 – who lived with their father following their parents' breakup.

According to the police, Wagner made it difficult for Ms Campestrini, who worked as a cleaner and Uber driver, to see her children.

Chief Guzella revealed Wagner allegedly spent two months planning the crime and previously stashed drugs in his ex-wife's work car to try to get her in trouble with police.

Ms Campestrini previously described her 17-year relationship with Wagner as "abusive".

Ramon and Wagner are allegedly said to be friends.

The two men remain in preventive custody, awaiting trial.

Prior to being formally charged, Wagner denied the accusations against him.

– Australscope

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