Man charged over alleged killings of partner and children had shared anti-domestic violence messages

Natasha Christian, Krystal Johnson and Emma Canavan

A South Australian man charged over the alleged killing of his partner and her two young children, had shared anti-domestic violence messages on social media.

30-year-old Steven Peet, is charged with three counts of murder after the body of his girlfriend Adeline Rigney-Wilson, 29, her daughter, six, and son, five, were found inside an Adelaide home on Monday.

The bodies were found in the Hillier home just after 1.30pm, following an alleged domestic dispute.

Peet was living with the family at the time – he is not the children’s father.

Steven Peet, pictured left, has been charged with three count of murder after his partner Adeline Yvette Rigney Wilson, pictured right, and her two children were found dead at their home in Adelaide.
Authorities discovered the bodies of a little girl and her brother along with their 29-year-old mother on the property. Photo: 7 News

In February he shared a photo on Facebook, just after he had moved in with Ms Rigney-Wilson, which read: ‘The day you raise your hand on a woman, that day you’re no longer officially a man’.

Peet was taken to Lyell McEwen Hospital by paramedics, after police arrived at the home.

He was found outside the property with two other men, who have assisted police with their investigation.

Peet was arrested at hospital and taken into handcuffs while wearing a blue forensic jumpsuit.

Peet's neck tattoos. Photo: Facebook

He was taken to Elizabeth Police Station, where he was charged with three counts of murder.

It’s unclear how Ms Rigney-Wilson and her children were killed, however police have confirmed the deaths appeared to be related to a domestic dispute.

Peet is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Officers have confirmed there were three men on the property when they arrived. Photo: 7 News

A crime scene has been set up by forensic investigators at the home.