Man captures 'UFO footage' flying over Melbourne

An Australian man believes he may have captured a UFO on two cameras.

Just before he started filming on October 14, 2015, Peter Slattery noticed what looked like a kite fly by the side of his home in Melbourne.

When he went to investigate he couldn’t see anything but as he returned to his back yard he saw something in the sky.

He immediately started filming the unusual light in the sky moving fast through the clouds.

UFO? Peter Slattery filmed this object flying over his home in Melbourne. Photo: Peter Slattery.

Peter following the object until it went out of view, next thing he knew it had disappeared.

It’s not the first time Mr Slattery has come across suspected alien life either.

His website shows plenty of photos of what he claims to be UFO’s dating back to 2011.

Photo: Peter Slattery February 2014. Taken in his front yard.
Taken 26 October 2013. Photo: Peter Slattery.
Photo: July 31 2012 taken near Lavington NSW by Peter Slattery.