WATCH: WA diver watching shark tuck into a turtle nearly becomes fish food

A diver who was watching a shark struggling with its meal in waters off Western Australia almost became fish food himself.

When Timothy van Beelen saw a tiger shark in the water he did the exact opposite of what most people would do – he jumped into the ocean.

Mr van Beelen followed the creature in the waters off WA’s Coral Bay and noticed it was struggling to keep its jaws locked around a turtle.

Timothy van Beelen spotted the shark in the water and decided to take a closer look. Source: Timothy van Beelen via Storyful

He captured the encounter on camera as he made his way deeper underwater toward the predator and its rock-hard prey.

The turtle appears to break away from its attacker's grasp and begins to swim away.

The shark had been grappling with a turtle. Source: Timothy van Beelen via Storyful

The photographer then pops his head out of the water to tell others watching on from a nearby boat, "This is nuts man!"

But in that split second the tiger shark turns its attention to Mr van Beelen and swims at him with its mouth wide open.

Mr van Beelen stands his ground as the shark darts right for him.

However, as the predator nears him it appears to have a change of heart, leaving Mr van Beelen alone but in shock.

The shark is swims towards Mr van Beelen after the turtle slipped away. Source: Timothy van Beelen via Storyful

Mr Van Beelen said this was “simply a warning to get away from his food”.

His muffled underwater screams can be heard as the creature swims away.