Man at US phone store attacks armed robber

Kate Burke

The shocking moment a shop assistant in the US started a fight with an armed robber has been caught on camera.

Dramatic CCTV posted to LiveLeak, shows a man dressed in a dark hoodie, point a gun at a shop assistant in a Chicago phone store.

The staff member calmly follows the robber’s instructions and takes him to a room at the back of the store, where the robber hands him a large grey bag.

The armed robber gives the man a grey bag to put phones, cash and other products in. Source: LiveLeak.

He then leads the thief back into the store where he helps him clear mobile phones and other products from the shelves.

The pair then make their way over to the cash register and it is then, as the man is being forced to take cash out from the register, that he suddenly attacks the robber.

The robber lets his guard down as he closely watches the man take money out of the register.Source: LiveLeak.

He slams the robber onto the ground and repeatedly punches him and takes his gun.

However the robber refuses to go down without a fight and is quickly back up on his feet and wrestling to get his gun back off the shop assistant.

The robber wrestles to get his gun back off the shop assistant. Source: LiveLeak.

The thief eventually gains the upper hand and runs off to the back of the store, while the man pulls out his own phone, potentially to call police.

About 40 seconds later the robber reemerges and tries to make a beeline for the front door.

The shop assistant blocks his path and starts to attack him again before tackling him to the floor once more.

The man makes one last effort to stop the thief from leaving. Source: LiveLeak.

While he successfully manages to pin the man to the ground for a while, he is eventually overpowered.

The last thing the CCTV showed was the robber and shop assistant wrestling each other out the front door.

It is unclear if the shop assistant was able to detain the man until police arrived.

This is far from the first time that a crook has been stopped in their tracks.