Man arrested over ‘sickening’ video of emus being hit by car

A young man has been charged after horrific video surfaced of a driver laughing while mowing down a group of emus.

The despicable act was then posted on social media, sparking widespread outrage.

The footage shows a man allegedly filming himself running down emus while laughing hysterically on an outback road.

A Victorian man has been charged after footage emerged of emus being mowed down. Source: 7 News

“F***ing emus! One, two, three,” a man can be heard saying in the video.

“This is f***ing great! Yes!”

RSPCA South Australia’s Cheryl Doudle said everybody had a right to be outraged by the footage.

It sparked a nationwide manhunt, with police making a breakthrough on Friday afternoon.

A 20-year-old Victorian man was arrested over the sickening crime.

The farmhand was questioned near the South Australian border and later charged with causing cruelty to an animal, destruction of protected wildlife and traffic offences.

It’s alleged the 20-year-old was driving at 120 km/h along the road when he committed the offences.

The RSPCA’s Cheryl Doudle described the footage of emus being run over as “distressing”. Source: 7 News

“It’s distressing, it’s very distressing,” Ms Doudle said.

“Even for seasoned inspectors. You don’t often see something like that.”

The accused will face a Victorian court in November.