Man arrested after 'eating dog'

A man in Texas has been arrested after he allegedly ate a dog while high on synthetic marijuana.

Michael Terron Daniel, 22, has been charged after 'going crazy' while on a 'bad trip' at his Waco home.

He reportedly assaulted several people at his home before dropping to his hands and knees to bark and growl at the dog.

He then allegedly strangled the dog to death before biting into it and ripping out chunks of the dog's flesh.

When police arrived Mr Daniel told them he had taken a synthetic drug known as K2, and asked them to fight him and stun him with their tasers.

The officers refused.

K2 is similar in effect to other synthetic drugs known as bath salts or Cloud Nine, which are thought to have been behind a string of recent bizarre incidents in the US.

23-year-old Matthew See allegedly broke into an elderly couple’s California home on the weekend and assaulted them while speaking gibberish.

Earlier this month a man in Florida was shot to death by police after they found him naked, eating the face of a homeless man.

The victim, Ronald Poppo is now recovering in hospital.

Michael Terron Daniel was arrested at his workplace on Monday with animal cruelty over the dog-eating incident.