Man Accused of Stabbing Tourists in NYC Claims They’re FBI Plants

New York Police Department
New York Police Department

Steven Hutcherson, the man accused of stabbing two teenage girls inside New York City’s Grand Central Terminal last month, claimed to the New York Post in a jailhouse interview that his alleged victims were FBI plants part of years-long plot to spy on him. When Hutcherson was told the stabbed girls were sisters from Paraguay, aged 16 and 14, he reportedly casted doubt on their identities. “They said it was two girls? Well, that’s what they said, allegedly,” he reportedly said. “Anything that them girls want to know concerning anything involving me or what I allegedly did, the best person to go to is the director of the FBI.” Hutcherson, 36, faces attempted murder and hate crime charges, after witnesses told police he yelled out, “I want all the white people dead” during the Dec. 27 assault. He denied the attack being race-related to the Post, claiming he lashed out because the “FBI been stalking” him “for years over a crime that I didn’t do.”

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