Woman 'cuts off husband's penis' after tying him up

A woman has been arrested after she tied her husband up, and cut off his penis.

Victoria Thomas Frabutt was charged with malicious castration and kidnapping, according to Carteret County Sheriff’s Office, in North Carolina.

Allegedly, the 56-year-old woman tied up her husband, James Frabutt, 61, and attacked him with the knife on Tuesday morning, in Carteret County. Police responded to the residence just before 4am on Tuesday.

Police say her motivation for the castration is still unclear.

Fortunately, police were able to recover the detached body part, which was put on ice and transported to the hospital.

Victoria Thomas Frabutt has been accused of cutting off her husband's penis. Source: Carteret County Detention Centre

Mr Frabutt was also taken to hospital, his condition is unknown.

Mrs Frabutt was charged with malicious castration and kidnapping and is being held in the county jail with bail set at US$100,000 ($146,000).

She was due to face court on Wednesday.

According to court documents seen by Law & Crime, the kidnapping charge is due to her allegedly tying up her husband and then castrating him.

According to North Carolina law, “Any person who shall unlawfully confine, restrain, or remove from one place or another”, can be charged with kidnapping.

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