'All sizzle no sausage': Internet explodes after Malcolm Turnbull turns down snag roll

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may have done more harm than good when he turned down a sausage sizzle during a visit to the flood savaged New South Wales town of Lismore.

Despite a promise to provide “enormous support” to residents and business worst hit by Cyclone Debbie, mostly what the PM did was cause a stir when he turned down the iconic Australian treat.

“That’s lovely, that’s very kind of you but I think I am running around a bit much to be eating that,” Mr Turnbull told a CWA volunteer as he awkwardly placed the snag sandwich back on the table.

Already facing a sharp drop in popularity to opposition leader Bill Shorten, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to add to Mr Turnbull’s headache.

"Why does Turnbull hate democracy and the democracy sausage," Darryl Adams wrote.

I really, really do not want to eat this. Source: AAP
Bill Shorten came under fire for his unusual snag eating technique. Source: Twitter

However, it appears people aren't forgetting Mr Shorten's own sausage sizzle failure after his bizarre eating approach sent the internet into meltdown on election day last year.

"If Bill Shorten can't eat a sausage sanga properly how can he run the country," one Twitter user wrote last year.

"Shorten mainlining a sausage in bread from the side could be his downfall," another added.

It's not the worst of Prime-Ministerial food gaffes, of course: who could forget the infamous onion incident, when former Prime Minister Tony Abbott launched into a raw, unpeeled onion without hesitation.