‘It makes you want to spit’: David Tennant delivers defence of strikes and criticises government ‘f***wits’

David Tennant issued a passionate defence of strikes during an appearance on The Last Leg this week.

The Scottish Doctor Who star also took aim at the Conservative government, describing the UK’s ruling party as “f***wits”.

Partway through Friday’s (3 February) episode of the Channel 4 comedy series, Tennant was asked whether he supported the strikes that have been carried out across various industries, including rail and NHS workers.

“Of course,” Tennant responded. “It’s just the sense that... after everything that’s gone on, through the pandemic, that nurses are having to go on strike to be paid what they’re worth... It makes you want to spit, doesn’t it?”

He then went on to criticise the Tory government’s handling of the strikes, with discussion turning to Rishi Sunak’s 100-days-in-office milestone.

“You’ve got Rishi going, “Listen, we’d love to give them a pay rise, we’d absolutely love to, but unfortunately, mad Queen Liz put the economy in a dumpster fire, so my hands are tied’,” he said.

He quickly clarified that he was referring to short-tenured prime minister Liz Truss, and not the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“It’s the lack of accountability,” Tennant continued. “They’re going, ‘There’s nothing we can do, because the last Prime Minister, who’s got nothing to do with us f***ed it all up!’”

“They’re all the same team of f***wits!” he added.

David Tennant on ‘The Last Leg' (Channel 4)
David Tennant on ‘The Last Leg' (Channel 4)

Series host Adam Hills then asked him who he wished to see running the country, to which Tennant replied: “Somebody.”

Tennant’s remarks prompted loud cheers from the studio audience.

Earlier this week, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer described Sunak as “pathetic” for attempting to blame Labour for the mass industrial action.

“After 13 years in power, trying to blame the Labour Party for his failure to sort out the strikes is rank pathetic. The Tory Party’s addiction to sleaze and scandal has done huge damage to this country and the cost to the public keeps adding up,” he said in parliament.

The prime minister replied: “[Starmer] can’t stand up to his union bosses, he can’t stand up for Britain’s schoolchildren today and he can’t stand up for the women in his party.”

This week saw teachers, train drivers, civil servants, university lecturers, bus drivers and security guards go on strike, with union bosses accusing the government of frustrating negotiations on pay deals.