Major rodent infection at Melbourne hospital: Here’s what you need to know

One of Australia’s busiest hospitals is reportedly facing a major rodent infestation, with accounts of both rats and mice inundating the facility, winding up in patients’ beds, staff rooms and even in operating theatres. Here’s what you need to know.

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- One of Australia's busiest hospitals is said to be crawling with rodents. Here's what you need to know.

The Alfred in Melbourne CBD is reportedly facing a major rodent infestation with accounts of both rats and mice inundating the facility winding up in patients beds, staff rooms, and even in operating theaters. Documents obtained by the Herald Sun reportedly show that since 2020, external contractors have struggled to contain the infestation. And during one single month this year, a total of eight alerts were issued over the rodents.

Feces has reportedly been found in patients beds with mice also having been spotted in visitors belongings, in communal hospital areas, and in staff rooms. It's understood the state of the hospital has prompted a number of staff to leave with one former physician of 30 years, Professor John Wilson, blaming the facility's deterioration as the tipping point that compelled him to hand in his notice a year ago.

It's also understood a lack of proper cleaning, disposing of garbage, and general housekeeping are major contributing factors for the issues escalation, which, at one stage, saw a patient reportedly jump up onto a table screaming to avoid a mouse had run into their room. An apparent lack of funding has been another issue contributing to the saga with the opposition accusing the state government of neglecting the hospital. What do you think?