Major crackdown on shoppers dumping supermarket trolleys

One Adelaide council has declared war on a growing eyesore.

Fed up with the scourge of abandoned supermarket trolleys, the southern suburbs council is giving a new army of patrol officers the power to fine serial offenders.

“It’s got to stop, we’ve had a gutfull at council,” City of Marion mayor Kris Hanna said.

The City of Marion is cracking down on abandoned trolleys. Source: 7 News

In just four days a whopping 230 steel carts were found littering the streets and they have been described as an eyesore and safety hazard.

Residents also told 7 News they were sick of seeing dumped trolleys and it was “quite common to see at least 20” in some areas like Shearer Avenue and Windamere Street.

In a drastic bid to curb the dumping, half a dozen council workers will be on patrol for the next few months.

People caught dumping trolleys could be slapped with a $5000 fine. Source: 7 News

The council is warning anybody caught dumping a trolley could be slapped with a hefty $5000 fine.

Some major retailers and independent business now offer incentives of up to $1000 to simply report the location of abandoned trolleys.