Major breach sees abusive dad given address to his kids

A violent father barred from seeing his children has been handed their new address in a major security breach by Victoria’s child protection agency.

Despite the safety error, the foster carers’ request for financial assistance to move into a new rental has been denied by the Department of Health and Human Services.

"The department does not agree to cover the cost of relocation should you move from your current residential address in the event [the father] attended your home," a DHHS senior staffer wrote in leaked documents.

"In the event [he] attends your current residential address, the department will investigate the matter and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the children and yourselves."

The children were removed from the man’s care a number of years ago due to a concern for their safety.

The man, who has a criminal history of violent assaults against his children, is currently fighting a long-term order to keep the children in care.

It is understood the father was given the address to his children as well as the names and contact details for two of his children’s counsellors and doctor in the confidential Children’s Court file.

Instead of a relocation payment, the carers have been offered security compensation, including the installation of infrared security cameras and motion detector flood lightning worth more than $4000.

A spokesperson for the DHHS said the matter was still under investigation and would work with the family to ensure the children’s safety.

News break – July 11