Magician falls 25ft during daring stunt while reportedly in ‘drunken state’

Footage has captured the moment an over-zealous magician slipped and fell 25ft from ceiling rafters down onto an unforgiving tiled floor after a reported "drunken stunt" went terribly wrong.

Magician Arron Jones was shocked to witness a fellow conjurer fall from such heights while "monkey barring" across the ceiling of the Blackpool Magic Convention at Blackpool’s Winter Garden last weekend The Sun reports.

In the footage the man can be seen first on the right side of the ceiling before he precariously scrambles to the left of the ceiling, clinging to the rafters.

The moment the man loses his grip. Source: Mercury Press

“It was past midnight on the Sunday and some people had stayed back after the last show on Saturday,” Arron told The Sun.

“All of a sudden I saw this guy start to shimmy up on of the pillars to the roof.

“I was just stood there thinking ‘what is this idiot doing?'"

“I heard he had been drinking but I don’t know why he decided to go up there. The bouncers came out and were shouting at him to get down but he just told them ‘no’ and carried on going.

Moments before the scary fall. Source: Mercury Press

“When he got onto the steel beams it suddenly got really serious. The atmosphere in the hall completely changed. No one knew what to do or why he was doing it."

The group, seemingly panicked by the risky stunt, can be heard screaming at the man to get down from the dangerous height.

The final nail-biting moments are captured when the man swings from one rafter to another, before finally losing grip and plummeting down onto the hard surface below.

People screaming in the crowd, seemingly stunned at what has just occurred, rush to his assistance.

the moment the shocked crowd ran to the aid of the fallen man. Source: Mercury Press.

According to The Sun, the man in his 20s ‘cheated death’ and managed to survive the potentially deadly fall.

Following the fall he was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries The Sun reports.

“The first thing I did was check if he was breathing. We all thought he was dead, that we had just watched him kill himself,” Arron told The Sun.

A spokeswoman for North West Ambulance Service told The Sun, “He (the patient) had fallen about 25ft onto a tiled floor. He had head and arm injuries and was taken as a major trauma case to the Royal Preston hospital.”