MAFS' Melinda reveals truth behind 'awkward' cast divide ahead of Logies

EXCLUSIVE: Melinda spills on the 'unfinished business' among the season 10 cast members.

Married At First Sight's Melinda Willis has doubled down on her comments that there are “divides” among the season 10 cast that viewers didn’t see on TV.

A number of participants are set to reunite for the first time in months at the Logie Awards this weekend, which Melinda tells Yahoo Lifestyle is sure to be “a little bit awkward”.

MAFS’ Layton Mills and Melinda Willis in the Yahoo studio.
MAFS’ Melinda Willis has spilled on the ‘divides’ among the season 10 cast. Photo: Yahoo

“Everyone’s friends and we all went through the same experience, [but] we all don't align and we all don't have the same values,” she says.

“So it's very hard to be in the spotlight and be amicable, but people on the outside world think that you're best friends or think they saw you on TV and you were friends. So if you don’t talk to someone at the time or take a photo with them, they’re so quick to judge like, ‘Oh, what happened there?’.”


The beauty CEO went on to say that she believes there are “three or four little groups” within the cast which may create tension at the Logies.

“I think everyone will be friends on the night, but definitely behind the scenes there's a lot going on,” she adds.

“It’s awkward, there are friendships breaking down, there's 'he said she said' and there's a lot of unfinished business with a lot of things, so it's just gonna be very interesting. But hopefully, there's just no ‘MAFS dinner party’ set up and everyone can just be mature and float past each other.”

'It caused a riot'

Melinda’s comments come shortly after she told Heatworld that she’s no longer in contact with fellow bride Claire Nomarhas - who she is expected to run into at the Logies.

“I still don't speak to Claire because of, you know, a lot of things that actually happened,” she shared. “There's quite a divide still in real life.”

Melinda added that Claire’s cheating scandal, when she kissed Adam Seed while still ‘married’ to Jesse Burford, impacted everyone on the show.

“It caused a riot,” she said. “It created a huge divide, especially with the girls. It created a huge divide with the whole group, but they didn't show any of that.”


The reality star also revealed on her Instagram Stories last month that she and Evelyn Ellis shared a “really awkward” encounter at the Logie Awards nominations event.

“When I went over to say hi and hug Ev at the event, she didn’t give me a hug,” she told her followers. “So I was really awkward and taken back, I went into the corner where Tahnee [Cook], Ollie [Skelton] and Layton [Mills] were and I stayed over there. Channel Nine was interviewing and taking photos anyway over there.

“I spoke to Ev later on and she said that she thought it was me that wasn’t going to give her the hug, so she was also awkward. So everything’s ok, it’s just, yeah.”

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