Macron embraces jokes about photos with Lula: ‘France loves Brazil and Brazil loves France!’

French President Emmanuel Macron has embraced jokes social media users made about photos from his recent trip to Brazil of him and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“Some have compared the images of my visit to Brazil to those of a wedding, I tell them: it was one! France loves Brazil and Brazil loves France!” Macron said Thursday on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Thank you, dear @LulaOficial, dear [first lady of Brazil Rosângela da Silva], thank you to all the Brazilians I was able to meet, for your welcome,” Macron continued in his post, which was translated from French using Google.

Some of the photos of Macron’s recent trip to the South American country resulted in social media users comparing the two presidents to lovers or those taking a wedding photo shoot.

“Oh it looks like a wedding photoshoot I’m going to die,” one user said in a post translated from Portuguese, according to Google, in response to one of the photos.

“They look like a happy couple on vacation hahahah,” another user said in a post translated from Portuguese, in response to a different photo of Macron and Lula.

On his X account, Lula said in a post translated from Portuguese that he presented Macron “with five of the best and most awarded Brazilian cheeses, including those recognized in France, so he can tell me what he thought of them” Thursday. He also said in the post that he presented Macron with some sparking wine and quipped that he thinks Macron will “like it.”

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