Queensland teenager fighting for life with severe case of flu

A Mackay teenager is fighting for her life after contracting a severe case of the flu.

Mercedes King went to bed last Wednesday feeling under the weather and by 3am was in an ambulance being rushed to a nearby hospital.

Her aunty, Renee Shannon started up a GoFundMe page to cover the immediate medical bills and said the 14-year-old's organs began to shut down, prompting doctors to place her into an induced coma.

“Her parents, Troy and Becky, were absolutely unaware of the nightmare that was about to unfold,” she wrote.

Mercedes King is fighting for life after contracting the flu. Source: GoFundMe

“It has now been confirmed that Mercedes has influenza B, pneumonia, sepsis and an unidentified bacterial infection."

“Mercedes has been put on a kidney dialysis machine and may need further life-saving treatment such as, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Ms Shannon said the Mackay teenager was flown to Brisbane after her condition stabilised, but with only one parent permitted on the flight.

Mercedes' concerned aunty said her family had no idea of the nightmare that was about to unfold when she went to bed feeling under the weather last week. Source: GoFundMe

"Her dad and siblings had to stay behind. They frantically put whatever supplies they could into the family car and drove 12 to 13 hours to Brisbane to be with Mercedes.

They have since been put up in Ronald McDonald house, however Ms Shannon said they were told they would need to find alternative accommodation after Monday.

Meanwhile, the Victorian health department today confirmed the flu had claimed its eighth victim from a regional Victorian nursing home since August 30.