This Luxe Boar Bristle Brush Is the Modern-Day Mason Pearson

Scouted/The Daily Beast/La Bonne Brosse.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/La Bonne Brosse.

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I’m super low maintenance when it comes to my hair—I don’t own any heat styling tools, my product lineup is basically just shampoo and conditioner, and I usually just let my hair air dry unless I’m getting a haircut. My minimalist approach to haircare is undoubtedly thanks to my La Bonne Brosse No. 1 boar bristle brush, which makes every day a good hair day without even putting in any effort. I’ve been using the brush for a couple of months now, and my long hair is noticeably healthier and glossier. I even have fewer split ends, which is truly a miracle.

For reference, I have fine hair (a Japanese hair stylist once called it “baby silk”) that goes down to just past my shoulder blades. Usually, I find that my roots get oily, and I need to wash my hair every couple of days, but frequent shampooing can dry out my ends so they become frizzy.

La Bonne Brosse No. 1 Small Shine & Care Hairbrush

La Bonne Brosse’s brush allows me to extend my shampoo days thanks to its boar bristle fibers, which are not only super gentle on my hair but also evenly distribute the natural oils from the scalp to ends, reducing the need for shampoo (or dry shampoo!). Plus, boar bristles are made of keratin, like human hair, which means they also prevent damage and breakage while reducing static.

Buy La Bonne Brosse No. 1 Small Shine & Care Hairbrush at The Detox Market, $158

Buy La Bonne Brosse No. 1 Small Shine & Care Hairbrush at Goop, $158

I used to dread brushing my hair because it would cause my fine tresses to break at the expense of detangling, but since I’ve even started using this brush, I actually look forward to it each night. I know it’s an outdated beauty cliché, but I’ve been brushing my hair with a hundred strokes each evening as part of my nightly self-care routine like a bona-fide Disney princess. Frankly, brushing my hair with the No.1 feels more like a full-blown head massage—not a post-shower beauty chore—so a hundred strokes is nothing.

Aside from its premium, hair-massaging bristles, it also has striking good looks to boot. The biodegradable organic resin handle comes in an assortment of pretty pastels, all with a glossy sheen, so you can select your favorite color to pop in your handbag or display on your vanity like your favorite perfume bottle. While Bonne Brosse’s No. 1 brush is my favorite, you can take an online quiz on its website to determine which brush in its lineup is best for you (there are also vegan brushes available!). La Bonne Brosse brushes are certainly pricey, but the artisanal handmade hair tools will last you a lifetime—and make you feel like a queen!

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