Love Triangle descends into chaos as group meets up for first time

E4's new dating show wasted no time in wading into the drama with unfaithful couples and a bombshell revelation.

Love Triangle's Lloyd shocked viewers and contestants. (E4)
Love Triangle's Lloyd shocked viewers and contestants. (E4)

Love Triangle's couples met up for the first time as a group - and sparks flew as they waded straight into the drama.

E4's new dating show from the producers of Married At First Sight Australia looks set to be every bit as dramatic as the hit Aussie series with two contestants already sharing a kiss right under their partners' noses.

The chaos is set to continue next week, as couples were hit by the bombshell news that a love rival would be moving into their homes in Tuesday's episode.

E4's new dating show Love Triangle saw its contestants pick between two potential matches based on text messages earlier this week, and they have been getting to know each other a little better with mixed results.

Some couples have hit it off already, but others had a disastrous evening when the group met each other for the first time at a drinks party.

Lloyd and Brodie have not hit it off. (E4)
Lloyd and Brodie have not hit it off. (E4)

Danika and Jack had been struggling to find a connection, while Lloyd and Brodie had ended up in a bitter row with Lloyd making rude comments about Brodie's appearance.

But when Danika and Lloyd got chatting at the party things quickly escalated, as they shared a kiss with the rest of the group - and their partners - looking on.

One shocked viewer commented on X: "Absolutely flabbergasted at Danika & Lloyd … Fair to say that this is going to be an eventful series." Jack hinted this would definitely be the case as he replied with a series of watching eye emojis.

Someone else wrote: "Danika may have been a tad disrespectful to Jack." "Danica and Lloyd!? Just like THAT I know it's supposed to be a love triangle but mate," added another viewer.

Danika thought she might be better suited to Lloyd. (E4)
Danika thought she might be better suited to Lloyd. (E4)

But as Brodie cheered them on after having said she was not attracted to Lloyd, one viewer commented: "Brodie is dealing with it all in such a strong fashion. Class."

Lloyd later shocked the group even further by announcing that Danika was his "usual type for a one-night stand".

Meanwhile, Dan and Aly fell out over his complaints that she had not been empathetic enough about his strong feelings towards his ex.

At a dinner party later in the episode, Aly told him in front of the group: "You want to come across as a very emotionally intelligent man who's very respectful towards women - that has not been my experience at all."

The couples were hit by a bombshell at the end of the episode as the original contestants were all sent texts from the match they hadn't picked telling them they were going for a date to meet in person.

While some contestants were excited by the news that they would get a second chance at romance, it was difficult news for others.

It's a tough week ahead for Mike and Kelly. (E4)
It's a tough week ahead for Mike and Kelly. (E4)

Kelly and Mike had been getting on well but she had opened up to him about her feelings of insecurity around other women before the text from Mike's other potential match arrived.

She left the dinner table in tears and told him: "She won't be moving into the house, will she?" Then a sneak peek at next week's episodes confirmed that the new matches would replace the originally picked contestants in their houses.

One viewer commented: "Now THIS is what I call a proper twist." Someone else added: "Next week is looking epic."

Love Triangle airs on E4 at 9pm on Tuesday to Thursday.