‘Thank god’: Love Island fans react as two more islanders dumped from the villa

Love Island All Stars fans were not feeling sympathetic after another couple was brutally dumped from the villa on Sunday night (11 February).

Casey O’Gorman and Eve Gale were the latest islanders to be kicked out after the results of a public vote were dramatically announced in the middle of a villa pink party.

As the islanders relaxed, Joshua Ritchie received a text instructing islanders to gather around the firepit.

Toby Aromolaran and Georgia Steele, and Sophie Piper and Joshua Ritchie, were also revealed to be in the public’s bottom three couples before the axing was announced.

Casey and Eve had been coupled up for mere days, but had been at the centre of villa drama in the runup to their dumping.

Eve, who had entered the villa as a surprise bombshell alongside her twin sister Jess, had shared with islanders how she felt things had been going well with Casey.

However, Casey revealed he hadn’t felt the “spark” with Eve, who had the misfortune to find out through Sophie, who in turn found out through Callum Jones, who originally heard it from Casey.

Casey and Eve were dumped from the villa in a shock twist on Sunday’s episode (ITV)
Casey and Eve were dumped from the villa in a shock twist on Sunday’s episode (ITV)

The chinese whispers led to a dramatic terrace showdown and an awkward interview with host Maya Jama at the end of the episode.

Viewers were unforgiving as they commented that the islander had had enough chances.

“Thank god, Casey’s gone,” said one fan. Another commented: “Casey has a type and it’s always out of his league.”

Casey, who first appeared on the show on season nine, does not seem to have had any luck on the new all stars season.

“The thing with Casey is he gets bored quickly with the girl he couples with,” said one unsympathetic viewer.

The Islander, who has been part of one of the most famous bromances to come from the show, sparked jokes that he should couple up with his best friend instead.


“Casey only came on the island for Tom,” joked one fan.

Some felt Casey got too much flak for his decisions, with one viewer commenting: “Personally I don’t think Casey has done anything wrong. He has been honest about his feelings, there’s no point forcing it if there’s nothing there.”

It comes as Christopher Taylor was also seen leaving in the episode after his dumping was announced on Friday. There were emotional reactions as Taylor left at the start of the show with both Aromalolaran and Steele in tears.

Love Island All Stars continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.