Louis Walsh brands Celebrity Big Brother co-stars 'too woke'

"Everyone is too careful what they say and it all becomes bland and boring."

Louis Walsh - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Louis Walsh finished fourth in this year's Celebrity Big Brother. (ITV)

Celebrity Big Brother's Louis Walsh believes this year's crop of housemates were "too woke".

Fresh out of the iconic reality TV compound, the Irishman was speaking to The Sun about his blood cancer diagnosis when the subject of on-screen behaviour cropped up.

"Cancer is a great reality check. This whole experience is going to change me. I'm going to try and be a better person. I am going to try and be nicer. I am a bit catty. I always let people know what I think of them, that's just me," he began.

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"You know what really annoys me, though? All this kissing and hugging [in Celebrity Big Brother]. You don't even know each other! So fake! They all wanted to win. That was the bottom line on the show."

Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne watched the other housemates arriving on Celebrity Big Brother 2024 in a separate room. (ITV Screengrab)
Former X Factor judges Walsh and Sharon Osbourne were reunited in the house. (ITV screengrab)

Expanding his scrutiny, the former X Factor judge claimed "nothing controversial" unfolded in the recent series because his co-stars were far too "wary" and "too woke" to stir anything up for the cameras.

"Everyone is too careful what they say and it all becomes bland and boring. I didn't want to be like that. I was just sitting there like an observer and telling people what I thought of what was happening in there," he reflected.

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Namechecking the likes of Strictly Come Dancing pro Nikita Kuzmin and Fern Britton, who presented This Morning for a decade up until 2009, Walsh claimed they "wanted it the most" while Levi Roots was a "totally genuine" presence in the house.

He added: "Fern is OK. I mean she desperately wanted to win. She was wallpaper — she doesn't give you anything. Nikita is very ambitious but I think he will become a star, a TV presenter — he can do it all."

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