Lotto syndicate’s 40-year commitment bags 10 mates massive jackpot

The group plan on celebrating their win together. 'It’ll be great to see everyone all together again,' one member said.

An Aussie Lotto syndicate has won a whopping $1 million after playing together "every week" for 40 years.

The group of 10 ex-railway workers from Mackay, North Queensland held one of five division one winning entries in Saturday Lotto draw 4453. "I’ve been waiting for this call for 40 years!" one of the winning members revealed.

The winning numbers were 12, 17, 1, 32, 16 and 19, while the supplementary numbers were 27 and 34. The group won $1,054,144.91 which would be $105,414.49 each if split evenly among the 10 syndicate members.

Image of Saturday Gold Lotto ticket with group celebrating in the background.
The group of 10 plan on celebrating their Lotto win together after 40 years of playing. Source: The Lott

A member from the group told The Lott most of them were now "retired" but used to work together as railway workers. "Some of the original boys passed away but someone else always took over the entry," they shared.

"We put in a ticket for 10 weeks at a time. Each time it comes around, I message 'Lotto's due', they always pay it — [I've] never had to chase anyone up."

Following the win the group of "mates" are planning to "celebrate" together, especially since some had a "bit of bad luck" in the recent few months. "It couldn't have come at a better time [and] it’ll be great to see everyone all together again."

Their winning entry was purchased at Nextra Caneland News & Gift in Mackay — but it is not the first winning ticket to be purchased from this store.

"The last time we sold a division one winning entry was January, 2023. We’ve had eight division one winners and two top prize Instant Scratch-It winners," Manager Brenda Stockden said.

Among the five division one winning entries in Saturday's draw, two were in Queensland, one in New South Wales and two in Victoria.

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