Lotto players win 3100 times with single ticket: 'Extremely happy'

The Melbourne Lotto syndicate is on a 'surprising' winning streak after scooping the division one prize.

A group of 25 Melburnians will undoubtedly have a pep in their step this week as they walk away with a slice of $2.6 million, thanks to their winning Lotto ticket.

The lucky bunch who bought a share in the aptly-named 'Enrich' syndicate will split their division one prize after winning Saturday's TattsLotto Superdraw, with each of the 25 syndicate members collecting $106,835.90 each.

There were seven more division one prize winners from across the country, each winning $2.5 million, however, due to the Enrich syndicate being a Systems 16 ticket – the equivalent of 8,008 standard games – the group's total winnings were bumped up by thousands of lower division wins.

An Australian $50 and $100 notes are scattered on top of more cash, with a TattsLotto number sheet in the corner.
The 25 Melburnians won over $100,000 each after their syndicate won big in the weekend's Lotto draw. Source: Getty

Alongside their division one win, the syndicate also won "division two 6 times, division three 54 times, division four 675 times, division five 720 times and division six 1680 times," The Lott said, with the total amount of wins equalling 3136.

Shares in the Enrich syndicate, set up by Endeavour Lotto & News, were sold at 12 Tatts outlets across Victoria's capital, with the owner "really happy" with the syndicate's winning streak.

"It marks our 32nd division one winning entry since opening the store,” Endeavour Lotto & News owner Usharani Vinu said.

“Our ‘Enrich’ syndicate has been available to customers for over two years now and surprisingly, it has won division two multiple times," she explained, before adding: “Most of the syndicate members are regular members of this syndicate, and we do believe they are extremely happy."

How are so many wins possible?

This syndicate was marked under a System 16 entry, meaning 16 numbers were selected and in the mix to match up with the six winning numbers from the game.

With a larger pool number of games increasing the chances of a win, these tickets are more expensive compared to a lower System grade, with 25 Enrich members paying $264.99 each ahead of the weekend's draw.

"The syndicate was a system 16 entry, so it did win additional prizes on top [of the division one win] because of that," Anna Hobdell, Public Relations Executive for The Lott, told Yahoo News Australia. "Instead of $2.5 million they got $2.6 million."

"It’s definitely not unusual with that type of entry, especially being in that syndicate with that many members," she continued. "It's really exciting when they do get to have a boosted prize at the end and take away more."

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