Lottery winner’s numbers came ‘in a dream’

Stack of lottery balls
A newly minted lottery millionaire says she overcame a one in 8,145,060 odds thanks to a set of winning numbers which appeared to her in a dream. Picture: iStock

A Melbourne woman who won more than $1 million on the Lotto said the winning combination of numbers came to her in a dream.

The woman, who picked up $1,006,109.05 in a Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw on April 12, said she was only made aware of her win recently when she checked her online account.

The winner, from Altona in Melbourne’s southwest, was one of three Division 1 winners in that draw, which means she correctly picked the winning numbers of 32, 12, six, 45, 36 and two.

“I always play these numbers. They were in a dream I had. I remembered the numbers from my dream and put them all on a Lotto ticket,” she said, in a statement shared by The Lott on Tuesday.

The Melbourne woman’s winning combination originally came to her in a dream. Picture: NCA NewsWire/ Nicki Connolly

“This is very exciting! We were very surprised! We had been away, so I hadn’t checked my ticket

“When I checked my online account and saw I’d won a million dollars, I thought, ‘No! No way.’”

While she hadn’t yet decided how she would be spending the funds, she said the money “will make things a whole lot easier”.

According to The Lott, there is roughly a one in 8,145,060 of achieving a Division 1 win in their Saturday, or Monday & Wednesday Lottos.

However, the chances are somewhat better than a Division 1 Powerball win, which is calculated at one in 134,490,400.

Two other winners in Queensland also won a Division 1 prize in the April 12 draw.

The Lott says there have been a total of 355 division one winners during the 2022-23 financial year, who have won a total prize pool of $1.05 billion.

70 of those winners were from the Monday & Wednesday Lotto.