‘Lost the plot’: Albo smashed on Aussie crisis

Anthony Albanese needs a reality check, according to the opposition. Picture: NCA NewsWire /Gaye Gerard

A globetrotting Anthony Albanese should “get back to reality” and put Australians back on his priority list, Peter Dutton says.

The Prime Minister has spent much of the last three weeks overseas for high-level talks with his US, Chinese and Pacific Island counterparts.

But ahead of yet another trip to the APEC Summit in San Francisco next week, the Opposition Leader has slammed Mr Albanese for losing focus.

“I think he’s completely and utterly lost the plot in terms of the priority that Australians need him to focus on right now,” he told 2GB.

“And that is helping them with their cost-of-living pressures.

He pointed to the 13th rate hike by the Reserve Bank on Tuesday and questioned whether the government had done enough as the cost of living starts to bite.

Albo lands in sydney
Anthony Albanese on return from the US with his partner Jodie Haydon. Picture: NCA NewsWire / David Swift

“He’s walking in the footsteps of Gough Whitlam in China, but he’s doing it here in Australia as well,” Mr Dutton added.

The dig comes just days after Mr Albanese used a major speech on home soil to label cost of living as his No.1 priority.

But he also drew a line under providing further household assistance and put the blame on the Coalition for spraying money around and adding to inflation.

Mr Albanese has been under pressure in recent months over the number of trips abroad he has taken, earning him the unwelcome “Airbus Albo” moniker from the Coalition.

It’s a reference to the Kevin “747” Rudd gibe thrown at the former prime minister during his time in power.

Peter Dutton unleashed on the Prime Minister while he is in the Cook Islands for high-level talks. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Martin Ollman

Mr Albanese has repeatedly argued that his overseas travel has been in Australia’s national interest, questioning the Coalition to name what trip he shouldn’t have taken.

Speaking earlier this week in Beijing, Mr Albanese said he was “very focused” on Australian jobs, economy and living standards.

“We'll continue to engage and continue to be focused on cost-of-living relief because we know that that is the No.1 issue facing Australians and we’ll continue to provide that support,” he said.