Lost elderly driver found near Dongara

An elderly Perth woman took a wrong turn on her way to have lunch with her sister in the city — and ended up between Dongara and Geraldton.

Her 27km drive turned into a 371km trip, only ending when her car ran out of fuel.

The Lynwood woman, 83, was found on Friday by a man who lives just north of Dongara.

The man thought something “wasn’t right” after speaking with the woman and alerted police.

“The lady appeared to think Mt Claremont was in the direction she was travelling, and said it felt like she had only been in the car a few minutes,” Constable Richard Fox said.

“I received a phone call from the lady’s son-in-law who thought she may have headed too far down the highway, then a local man who lives just north of Dongara contacted me to say he had seen the lady on the side of the road.

“She thought she was travelling to Mt Claremont, but upon questioning, it appeared the lady didn’t have dementia or any other problem that might have caused her extended journey.

“We got her a room and organised for her family to come and collect her the next day.

“A missing person report had to be filed with Perth police, but it was cancelled upon finding the lady was safe and well.

“It was a bit of a long day for her.”

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