Lorraine Kelly questions Amanda Holden’s behaviour at daughter’s 18th birthday party

Lorraine Kelly was reduced to fits of laughter when discussing Amanda Holden’s special Saltburn-themed performance at her daughter’s birthday party.

On Monday (22 January), a few days before poking fun at Brooklyn Beckham’s lampooned Uber Eats venture, the ITV breakfast host welcomed entertainment correspondent Tyler West to the programme or a discussion about the latest celebrity news.

At one point in the segment, the pair began talking about Holden, 52, attending her daughter Lexi’s 18th birthday party over the weekend and performing a dance routine to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Murder on the Dancefloor” ­– a song that has resurged in popularity since its inclusion in the black comedy Saltburn late last year.

West began the story by saying that the Britain’s Got Talent judge “provided some 10/10, top tier level entertainment”.

“It was great. I have no words for this. I have no words for that performance right there,” he added, before viewers saw a clip of Holden moving to the 2001 track.

Dressed in a sparkly white top and trouser two-piece, the musical theatre actor looked into the camera as she swung her arms around and lip-synced to the lyrics.

Continuing his commentary on Holden’s moves, West said: “The thing is, I could never imagine my mum walking into my 18th birthday party going, ‘Look guys, I know you’ve all seen Saltburn, here’s my performance.’”

Clearly entertained by her ITV colleague’s candour, Kelly put on a whiny voice to imitate an embarrassed teenager, and said through laughter: “It’s like, ‘Muuum! Mum, stop it!’ She’s hilarious.”

Holden shared the footage of the fun scene on her social media platforms, with the extended clip showing the rest of the party guests embracing the moment. One frame even shows her pushing an attendee out of the way so that she could continue her path through the crowd.

However, the former Cutting It star’s antics have divided some fans, plenty of whom have expressed their feelings on her Instagram post.

Amanda Holden dances to ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ (Instagram - Amanda Holden)
Amanda Holden dances to ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ (Instagram - Amanda Holden)

Many followers have praised Holden for creating a memorable moment for her daughter, with one writing: “Your daughter’s going to look back at this one day and go ‘I love my mum’, purely lovely.”

Conversely, some social media users found her behaviour inappropriate for the setting. One unimpressed commenter wrote: “How not to act at your daughter’s party”.

As well as Lexi, Holden also has a daughter named Hollie, 12, whom she shares with her husband, record producer Chris Hughes.