'Looks like wallaby's on the menu': Giant snake devours its dinner

Incredible pictures have emerged of a huge snake devouring a wallaby in Far North Queensland.

JMB Reptiles, an Innisfail-based snake removal and relocation service, posted the pictures to its Facebook page on Friday with the caption: “Looks like wallaby’s on the menu tonight.”

“Was polite enough to let him finish before he was given a lift to his new home away from Flying Fish Point,” the snake handlers added.

The pictures show the scrub python opening its jaws wide to engulf the marsupial’s body.

In another photo, the snake’s midsection is hugely distended as it chows down on its meal.

The incredible pictures have been shared more than 600 times and attracted more than 200 comments.

“Just another day in ‘straya,” one person observed.

“What a greedy guts. Snakey will be in a food coma for a loooooong time,” another joked.

Incredible pictures have captured a giant snake devouring a wallaby in Far North Queensland. Source: Caters

“How incredible our wildlife can be! Great pics, thanks for sharing!,” wrote another.

Some people were a little more unsettled by the sight of a snake devouring a wallaby.

“OMG that’s scary,” one person wrote.

Even the snake handlers agreed.

“It was scary to see how big the snake could get its mouth to eat it,” JMB Reptiles wrote.

“It had sized up a German Shepherd before the wallaby.”

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