'Looks human': Woman's creepy find during beach clean-up

A woman doing a beach clean-up was horrified when she thought she had found a headless dead body.

Kathleen, a volunteer for Ocean Hour, was lending a hand at Perdido Key, in the US state of Florida, earlier this month when she came across something washed up on the beach.

“Volunteer Kathleen was walking the inter-coastal side in Perdido Key… when she came across what she thought was a dead, decapitated body,” Ocean Hour wrote on Facebook.

“Another visitor had even called 911.”

A headless mannequin covered in seaweed and barnacles washed up on Perdido Key in Florida.
A woman was freaked out when she came across this figure on Perido Key, Florida. Source: Facebook/Ocean Hour

Photos show the figure covered in seaweed and barnacles, but fortunately it wasn’t a dead person.

“Upon further investigating, she realised it was a mannequin,” Ocean Hour wrote.

No one knows where the mannequin came from.

One woman wrote if she came across a washed-up mannequin it would “scare the s*** out of her”.

More photos of the mannequin which is covered in seaweed and barnacles laying on the sand.
It turns out it was just a mannequin – not a dead person. Source: Facebook/ Ocean Hour

“Looks human enough to be spooked by it,” another woman wrote.

A third person added after looking at the photos they found it understandable someone would think the body belonged to a real person.

“This would have given me a heart attack,” they wrote.

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