Long-range winter forecast

Long range predictions point to a cool and overcast start to winter across the south-east.

Independent forecaster Ken Ring believes it's likely we could see as little as a few hours of sunshine each day.

Winter officially begins tomorrow and the last traces of Autumn will be short lived.

"You're going to get a drier, cooler and cloudier winter than average," long range weather forecaster Mr Ring told 7 News.

"August is going to be cooler than average for maximums and minimums. The minimums are going to be considerably cooler than the average."

Long-range weather forecaster Ken Ring
Long-range weather forecaster Ken Ring

He says it's going to be cloudy right through the season but there'll be very little rain associated with that.

Mr Ring is expecting 30mm of rain during June, 10mm during July and just 5mm in August.

Last week's cold snap is a good example of what winter may have in store for the south-east. Expect more frosts and subzero temperatures.

The good news is Mr Ring isn't expecting any extreme events. He says there's just the chance of thunderstorms during mid June, July and August.

"I think hail is possible around about the 28th of August in the metropolitan area, really that's about it," he said.

And importantly, he says there is no prospect of flooding.