Man savagely beaten after waking passenger at wrong train stop

A good Samaritan has been savagely beaten after he accidentally woke up a sleeping passenger at the wrong train stop near London.

The 39-year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was having a nap of his own when he suddenly awoke thinking they had arrived at the final stop of the Thameslink service.

As a gesture of kindness, he awoke 24-year-old Sam Pearce, a decision he would quickly come to regret.

"Realising that the service was in fact at St Albans, both men then re-joined the service,” British Transport Police said.

"This frustrated Pearce and he then walked through the train attempting to locate the man who woke him up.

Sam Pearce (right) has been jailed for one year after he savagely beat a 39-year-old passenger back in 2014. Source: BTP
The man was punched repeatedly in the face because Pearce felt

"Between St Albans and Luton Airport Parkway station, Pearce approached the victim and then began attacking him.

"The victim was punched multiple times to the head and then dragged onto the station platform where he was kicked in the chest."

The confronting footage showed the victim attempting to return to the train before Pearce launched another violent attack, sending him into the platform fence with one final blow.

Sergeant Stephen Bartlett said the good Samaritan was left "shaking" on the platform following the brutal assault on June 17, 2015.

Pearce has since been jailed for one year after being found guilty of actual bodily harm.

Pearce has since been jailed for one year. Source: BTP
The passenger was kicked to the chest on the train platform before Pearce ran away. Source: BTP