Man fleeing terrorist attack with pint cheered as symbol of London spirit

One image showing members of the public fleeing Saturday's attack in the streets London is being held up as a symbol of great British resilience.

A dozen people are seen running to safety through the city's streets, but one man who had to evacuate the pub decided to take his pint with him.

The unidentified reveller was snapped making his way to safety with his drink; cautious he won't spill a drop.

The photo could even lead to a rethink of one British adage: Keep calm and carry your pint on.

"People fleeing #LondonBridge but the bloke on the right isn't spilling a drop. God Bless the Brits!" tweeted Howard Mannella.

Several Twitter users raised their glasses to the man's spirit, one pointing out it was a necessary given the price of a lager in London.

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"Evacuate? Well, OK. But this beer cost £6 a pint. I'm taking it with me. #LondonBridge," Andrew Brooks tweeted.

A parody account of Australian conservative political strategist Lynton Crosby cheered the man as mark of the city's character.

"People flee a terrorist attack LIKE LONDONERS. #LoveLondon #LondonBridge," the account tweeted.

The photo is some light relief for a city coming to terms with a terror attack in which seven innocent people were killed and another 48 were left hospitalised.

But as Twitter user Sue Miller's photo showed, many Londoners are carrying on just fine.