My London: The Gentlemen's Vinnie Jones

 (Getty Images and Alamy)
(Getty Images and Alamy)

Home is…

Palm Springs near LA and then back and forth to West Sussex.

Where do you stay in London?

If I’m paying myself I go Covent Garden. I like that you can walk to all the restaurants and shops, and it’s got a lovely brasserie.

You’ve never actually lived in the capital, right?

No, no, not in London. Too much concrete for me. I’ve trained in London at the Robin Hood Roundabout on the A3, that’s as close as it got. I grew up on a council estate in a place called Abbots Langley just outside Watford.

What was your first job?

I was with Watford boys from the age of 12 until I got released from the youth teams at about 15/16.

Best meal you’ve had in London?

Annabel’s, funny enough. I had a nice Wagyu. I do like a steak.

Where would you like to be buried?

I’d pick my first football pitch in Watford where I played as a kid. Spread my ashes.

What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

Let every motorist and every cab driver do whatever they f***ing want. Turn off all the cameras and let them do whatever they want.

Most iconic Londoner?

Winston Churchill for me. Or Sir Michael Caine, or Fools and Horses.

What’s the best thing a cabbie has ever said to you?

I’ve got a lot of friends who are London cabbies, so they’re always friendly to me. Even if they’re driving and I’m walking up the street, they’re always like, ‘Oi, oi, Vinnie!’

Which shops do you rely on? Obviously you’re super dapper.

You know, I like Jermyn Street, and Savile Row and that. I like Lobbs, I like me Churches, I like Ted Baker. I go that route. Classic tailoring.

Who is your hero?

Me nan, Annie Jones. She just looked after everybody. A very, very generous lady.

What is your biggest extravagance?

Land Rovers. They’re just very British. The old shape, mine’s a 110. I like to soup them up, put new engines in them.

Where do you go to let your hair down?

I used to go to Motcombs [in Belgravia] when I was drinking and Terry Venables’ place [members’ club Scribes West] when he was still alive.

What do you collect?

I kind of collect aftershaves — my favourite at the moment is Sauvage. I done the Brut campaign a couple of years ago.

What are you up to for work?

I’ve got The Gentlemen coming out. I play the gamekeeper, which I love because I love the outdoors. I’m minding over the family and all the secrets.

What’s your favourite podcast?

I don’t do podcasts, but I like everything music-wise. Human League, Depeche Mode, Madness. I actually sang with Madness, they were in concert and I got up with them.

What was the last thing you googled?

Probably a Land Rover or Range Rover?

To buy another one?

I’ve got quite a few, so I’m having a rest. I’ve got to thin them out a bit.

Which apps can you not live without?

My football app — I like seeing the football results.

‘The Gentlemen’ starts 7 Mar on Netflix