These London boroughs have been named four of the most 'depressing towns' in the UK

153 towns and areas were nominated in total (PA)
153 towns and areas were nominated in total (PA)

Reviews website has revealed the results from its UK’s "most depressing" towns vote.

And though London has recently been named the top travel destination in Europe, some would think otherwise.

Last year, 105,598 people voted in’s poll and Luton was named the worst of the worst places to live in Britain.

This year, residents from all over the UK nominated 153 towns and areas to be shortlisted for the "most depressing" places list – and now the results are in.

Believe it or not, despite being the capital amongst many people's favourite travel spots, four places across London made the lowlist.

"Bland, boring, soul destroying mediocrity with a gaping cultural void. This is what our new poll is about. This year we are ditching the usual suspects to focus on… the towns where you just exist rather than live," iLiveHere said, in a statement.


South London borough Croydon might be home to bright-green trams, Boxpark, and the Airport Visitor Centre, but reviews are mixed.

It has previously been criticised for its "depressing" high street and the continued delays to the long-anticipated Westfield shopping centre are also angering residents.


Orpington is the only south-east London location listed as one of the most depressing places in the UK. Its inclusion on the list could be blamed on various factors, including a lack of vibrant cultural amenities, limited recreational opportunities, economic challenges, or urban-development issues.

Though it's not all bad, Orpington has some great green spaces, such as High Elms Country Park, and very well-connected transport links to London, including a major train station.


Hounslow also featured. Previously dubbed "the worst place in Britain", locals have fiercely defended their home. Though it is let down by the noise from planes landing and taking off from Heathrow Airport.


Shoreditch is often hailed as the home of the gentrifiers. And, despite an array of vintage clothing shops, and tasty eateries, it may just not be everyone's cup of tea.