Lollapalooza fans shocked while trying to take a selfie on train tracks

The man who was first to be zapped with 600 volts of electricity went into cardiac arrest, officials said.

Disturbing footage has captured the moment two Lollapalooza fans were zapped with 600 volts of electricity while posing for a selfie on train tracks.

The video clip, which has reportedly gone viral on social media, shows two young men and a woman stopping to take a seat on the Chicago L train tracks as they make their way to the hugely popular music festival on August 5.

The Lollapalooza fans going rigid while sitting on the train tracks.
Confronting footage shows the two Lollapalooza fans suddenly go violently rigid after sitting on the tracks to take a selfie. Source: Daily Mail

The trio, who appear to be travelling with a larger group of people watching on from the platform, can be seen trying to take a selfie together before one of the men leans back and touches a third electrified rail, immediately forcing his body into a rigid position, the Daily Mail reports.

The man in dark clothing then bolts forward and grabs the woman next to him, shocking her as well. The third man, who is wearing a white top, tries to pull his stiff friends off the train track but appears to sustain a small shock as well and flails his arms in the air as other friends jump down to help.

Man goes into cardiac arrest

Members of the group were ultimately able to pull the pair, both in their 20s, to safety, emergency services officials said, the publication reports.

The Oak Park Fire Department said the woman and man, who went into cardiac arrest, were rushed to hospital — the latter in a critical condition. The woman was still conscious when first responders arrived and her condition was reported to have improved the following day.

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