Locals gobsmacked by 'racist' note on truck targeting family

The message was widely condemned online after the note was shared on the weekend.

Locals from an affluent Aussie suburb are "gobsmacked" at an outwardly racist note left on the window of a family's truck last month.

An image of the laminated message — which includes racist and derogatory slurs — was widely condemned online when it was posted on Tuesday, with the poster intent on flagging the horrendous act of discrimination.

The racist note taped onto a family truck in Comon, south Sydney.
The racist note, which was spotted in Como, was widely condemned online. Source: Reddit

"I can't even believe such a brain dead racist even has the gall to put this s**t on people's car," the local wrote, before vouching for the targeted family's kindness.

"The family who's vehicle this was posted on has done decades of volunteer work with the local football club. They're a very well loved family in the community."

It is believed the family's car was parked in a public parking space in Como, in Sydney's south.

The message gained traction online and many mocked the "abysmal" note for its grammar and spelling issues while also demanding the issue be escalated to authorities. NSW Police told Yahoo News officers from Sutherland Shire Area Command attended the home on September 12 after receiving reports of the offensive sign. They are continuing their inquiries.

Council condemn 'disgraceful' note

Sutherland Shire Council confirmed it has not received any complaints about the note in question from residents, however the mayor was swift to slam its sentiment.

"I would like to emphasise that the behaviour demonstrated is not only unlawful but completely unacceptable and disgraceful," Sutherland Shire Mayor Councillor Carmelo Pesce told Yahoo News. "We strongly condemn any actions that promote harassment or discrimination within our proud multicultural community here in Sutherland Shire. Given the serious and unlawful nature of this incident, it is essential that it be handled by the appropriate authorities."

Sutherland Shire's history has been tarnished by racial tension which heightened during the Cronulla riots in 2005. The area had been long renowned for its popular surfing beaches and tension arose when local surfers were determined to reclaim the beach from visitors of Middle Eastern appearance.

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