Locals divided as Australia Day revellers 'reserve' lakeside spot: 'Just wrong'

Many locals were displeased by the extensive preparation some families were going to ahead of Australia Day celebrations.

Aussies are marking January 26 in various ways but it seems the beach will be a destination for many as temperatures soar across the country for the Australia Day public holiday.

With the majority of people off work, it seems many are eager to secure a prime waterfront position among the crowds. Gazebos at various stages of construction were spotted along a grassy strip beside Swansea Bay beach on Lake Macquarie, NSW as early as Tuesday, ahead of an Australia Day scorcher where the temperature is expected to reach 41 degrees in the region.

There was widespread speculation the frames were left in a similar fashion to how hotel guests leave their towels on poolside sun loungers early in the day before returning later to use them.

Australia Day revellers sit on camp chairs under gazebos by the beach, with many gazebos in various stages of construction at Swansea Bay beach..
Australia Day revellers began pitching gazebos as early as Tuesday to nab themselves a good spot by the beach. Source: Facebook

Gazebos spark fierce debate online

After an image of the sprouting gazebos was posted online, some locals were frustrated by the behaviour at the popular water sports location, while others thought it was "harmless" fun — with a debate ensuing about the practice of reserving a space at the public beach for the holiday weekend.

"Who really cares, first in best dress, good on them I would do the same," one local wrote, while another said Aussies should "enjoy" their day and ignore the "whingers". "They are setting up to celebrate Australia Day, be proud and stop being a ridiculous boring citizen," another added.

However, others said they would "just move them" and couldn't get over the behaviour of people claiming a patch of land for themselves on Australia Day.

"They have been doing this a few years it's just wrong," one local said, while many others joked they would now be able to bag themselves a "free gazebo" and steal one while they stand unsupervised for days. Others suggested it was selfish to take the spaces before the public holiday and was "annoying" behaviour.

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