Liz Cheney’s Memoir Is an Instant Bestseller

Nathan Congleton / Getty Images
Nathan Congleton / Getty Images

Former Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) memoir has shot to the top of the bestseller list, going temporarily out of stock on Amazon on Tuesday after clocking in at No.1 on its bestseller list. Cheney’s book, Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning, talks about the ever-changing Republican party, the lead-up to Jan. 6 and the danger of a potential Trump presidential win in 2024. Cheney told NBC earlier this week that she would “do whatever it takes to make sure that Donald Trump is defeated in 2024,” noting that “he’s already attempted to seize power, and he was stopped, thankfully, and for the good of the nation and the republic.” The book provides new details on the capitol riot with former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) telling Cheney that he went to Mar-a-Lago after the attack because Trump was depressed and not eating–claims Trump has denied.

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