Powerball hopefuls await $150 million draw, earthquake strikes near Sydney: Australian news live

There has also been two separate bird flu scares in Australia.

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Are you in tonight's Powerball draw?

Yahoo's live news blog has concluded for Thursday, May 23.

Powerball fever has well and truly swept the country with millions vying for the mammoth $150 million jackpot tonight. Good luck to all those with a ticket.

A 3.8 magnitude earthquake has struck southwest of Sydney this morning with reports of homes shaking.

Australia has also had two separate bird flu scares, with more information in the blog below.

And a new portrait of Kate Middleton has prompted some to ask if it's a joke. Find out why here.

  • Fly explosion plagues WA's north

    Locals in Western Australia's north say a surge in bush flies is "absolutely shocking" and is keeping visitors away.

    "It's definitely had an impact on our tourist numbers," Gascoyne Junction resident Jarrod Walker told the ABC, adding he can't recall it ever being this bad at this time of year.

    Residents are forced to spend most their time indoors, and when they do venture out, they are forced to wear nets on their heads to keep the flys at bay, as seen in the TikTok video below.

  • Fears grow for missing woman and toddler

    Fears are growing after a woman and toddler vanished in the Queensland town of Maryborough on Wednesday.

    They have not been seen since 5pm yesterday, when they were walking from Horsburgh Lane onto Bazaar Street in the rural area about 255 kilometres north of Brisbane.

    "Police and family have concerns for their welfare due to the woman having a medical condition," Queensland Police said.

    Authorities are urging anyone with information about the pair to come forward.

    Source: Queensland Police
    Source: Queensland Police
  • Here's what you should really do if you win Powerball's $150 million jackpot

    While many dream of luxury cars and extravagant holidays, one financial advisor says you'd be much wiser to carefully plan where a Powerball jackpot win goes to see it last for "generations".

    One in two adults are expected to be in tonight's $150 million draw.

    The four key areas James Wrigley says to put the cash towards are:



    -Private Ancillary Fund

    -Family Trust

    Find out more over at Yahoo Finance.

    Financial advisor James Wrigley outlined the four areas he would put the $150 million Powerball winnings. (Source: Instagram)
    Financial advisor James Wrigley outlined the four areas he would put the $150 million Powerball winnings. (Source: Instagram)
  • Man jailed for killing sister's abusive boyfriend

    A man has has been jailed for at least four years and three months for killing his sister's abusive boyfriend after he boasted, "You should see what I do to her in the bedroom".

    Newcastle Supreme Court Justice Natalie Adams on Thursday said she was unable to say if Tyler King had intended to kill Jesse Tattersall and was sentencing him on the basis he wanted to cause Tattersall grievous bodily harm in the hope he would never hurt his sister again.

    After stabbing Tattersall twice, King told his sister, "No one's going to f***n' hit you again, no one's going to hurt you again" before stabbing Tattersall a third time.

    King, 27, of Budgewoi, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Tattersall, 33, at Hamlyn Terrace on September 8, 2022.

    Read more here.

  • Desk etiquette question divides office

    Another pressing question for you today. We've had a bit of discussion here at the Yahoo office about desk etiquette after one reporter shared her anxiety over eating crunchy snacks with colleagues nearby.

    With more and more companies mandating office days after the pandemic, I'm sure many are familiarising themselves with the do's and dont's. Have your say below.

  • Three Aussies in intensive care after Singapore Airlines turbulence incident

    Three of the 12 Australians injured in the Singapore Airlines turbulence incident are being treated in intensive care.

    They are in a Thai hospital after the plane from London was forced into an emergency landing in Bangkok earlier this week, the ABC reported.

  • Cold mornings not a sign of things to come

    While millions across Australia have had an early introduction to winter with a series of chilly mornings, it might not be a sign of things to come.

    According to the Bureau of Meteorology's climate outlook for winter, the entire country has a very high chance of recording higher-than-average temperatures between June and August. The following map paints a pretty clear picture of what is going to happen in terms of temperatures this winter.

    Just hold off on buying that new winter jacket for now.

    Source: BoM
    Source: BoM
  • Aussies willing to risk death to win Powerball jackpot

    Here's an interesting question about tonight's $150 million Powerball draw. Let's see if our readers feel the same.

    Asides from this hypothetical question, we might as well remind you you've got more chance of being hit by lightning than winning division one tonight. Here's a few more freak moments that are more likely than a lottery win.

  • Mary Fowler 'honoured' after getting her own Barbie

    How cool is this?

    Matildas superstar Mary Fowler now has her own Barbie and is one of a handful of stars to have their own ahead of the Olympics.

    Featuring her trademark black gloves, the Manchester City said she was "super honoured" to be recognised.

  • Why economist thinks Australia's rich SHOULD get $300 rebate

    It was the big talking point of this year's Federal Budget. The $300 energy rebate that everyone in the country, including out richest residents, would be getting.

    It sparked fury around the country but economist and Yahoo Finance contributor Stephen Koukoulas says it makes sense to give it everyone.

    "Criticisms of the across-the-board electricity subsidy take no account of the administrative costs or the threshold that would disqualify ‘rich’ people from getting the subsidy," he explained for Yahoo.

    "Would a pensioner in a $2 million house qualify? Would a 30-year-old lawyer on $175,000 a year who rents and has $40,000 in HECS debt get the subsidy?

    "Imagine trying to work that out!"

    Read more here.

    Jim Chalmers
    Treasurer Jim Chalmers' $300 energy rebate certainly raised plenty of questions.
  • Bird flu scare for Australia

    We start with two bird flu updates. A Victorian egg farm has detected bird flu on site with testing revealing it is the H7N7 strain and not H5N1 which is wreaking havoc overseas.

    "It is very reassuring that the strain identified is an H7 virus (which we have previously had outbreaks of in Australia) rather than the problematic H5N1 strain that is circulating globally," Influenza Virologist at the University of Queensland Dr Kirsty Short said.

    "However, this should serve as an important reminder as to the need for constant vigilance regarding avian influenza and the need to report any sick or dying birds to the appropriate authorities."

    And in a second incident reported on Wednesday, Victoria's Department of Health revealed Australia has recorded its first human case of H5N1 in a child after they returned from India.

    The child has fully recovered, and health officials stress there is no risk to the public, however the incident will have undoubtedly alarmed health authorities.

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