Little girl captures 'ghost' singing along with her on mobile phone

Daniel Garrett didn’t believe in ghosts… until he thought he heard one singing in his home.

Mr Garrett had gone to the toilet and left his four-year-old daughter playing with his mobile phone in bed.

The little girl decided to record herself singing.

But when he played the cute video he noticed the covers at the bed started to move for no reason.

It was as though a haunting figure was crawling towards his daughter.

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

Listening closely, Mr Garrett noticed a man’s voice singing along with his daughter.

The little girl can then be heard squealing as if she’s noticed something.

When she stops singing a man’s voice can be heard saying ‘you’re so funny’.

"She is babbling as children do and when she pauses you hear a male voice sing along with her and the blanket moves,” Mr Garret said.

"Also, at the end, the male voice says: ‘You're so funny’.”

Mr Garrett was so terrified by the footage that he has since moved out of his home in Toronto, Canada.

He was staying with his parents and claimed to have no desire to return.

"I have never had anything like this happen to me. My eyes water and my hair stands up on my arms when I watch this."