Lisa Wilkinson's brutal response to Scott Morrison's election loss

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The Project's Lisa Wilkinson has had a blunt message for the Coalition after Labor leader Anthony Albanese was named the next Prime Minister in an election bloodbath.

The host took a swipe at the Liberal Party on Twitter, pointing out a number of the Coalition's failings whilst in power.

"Last night's result proves that if you look the other way when it comes to women, the planet, corruption, bad behaviour and a refugee family who want to do nothing more than live a safe life in a country town that loves them, change is always going to happen," she said.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Project.
Lisa Wilkinson had a blunt message for the Coalition. Source: Channel 10

Many agreed with Lisa's standpoint, with one commenting, "We have had our voices heard".

"Yes, and there is a lot of common ground between the ALP, the teal independents and the Greens and it is time for the government to work with that and move Australians forward," one said.

"Nicely put, Lisa," another commented.

"Who would have ever thought people might want to vote for honesty, fairness, a safe future etc?" a third added.

Women send powerful message to the Coalition

Former high-profile conservative Julie Bishop said Australian women have sent a powerful message to the Liberal-National coalition.

"[Liberal women] did not see their concerns and interests reflected in a party led by Scott Morrison in coalition with Barnaby Joyce," she told the Nine Network on Saturday.

A number of mostly female, "teal" independents are on track to roll sitting Liberal MPs, predominantly in inner-city seats, having made climate action and a federal anti-corruption agency the centrepieces of their campaigns.


Seeing female, independent candidates likely to replace MPs in formerly strong Liberal seats sent a powerful message, Ms Bishop said.

"We have not mentioned at this point the impact of Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins, they changed the narrative when they exposed an ugly side to the workplace in Canberra," Ms Bishop said.

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