Lily Allen drops bombshell about Harvey Weinstein

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Pop star Lily Allen has appeared on Channel 7 show Interview with Andrew Denton, opening up about fame and family.

While the insight into her life was truly fascinating, it was her explosive admission about Harvey Weinstein that got people talking.

Knowing the disgraced producer since she was a baby, Lily said that she’d “never suspected anything about him”, however, described him as a “bit of an odd character”.

Lily Allen appeared on Interview with Andrew Denton and revealed her mum, Alison Owen, used to work with Harvey Weinstein. Source: Channel 7

Lily revealed that when the sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against the 66-year-old last year, she was told about an incident that occurred between her mother Alison Owen (also a film producer) and Weinstein.

“My mum’s worked quite closely with Harvey, she’s done several films with him, and once they were looking at working with a particular director, Jane Campion,” she said.

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“She’d just done a film with Meg Ryan called In the Cut, and it was the first time Meg had ever done nudity.

“It was just my mum and Harvey in a screening room, and just when Meg Ryan was getting her clothes off she heard this grunting noise from behind her.

Lily (pictured here with mum Alison Owen) revealed that Harvey Weinstein pleasured himself during a screening of Meg Ryan’s In the Cut. Source: Getty

“It was Harvey pleasuring himself, in a dark room, with my mum sitting in front of him,” she told Andrew.

“She kept working with him. I guess that goes to show how powerful he was, that she didn’t feel like she could say anything.”

According to Lily, her mum was in her mid-20s at the time, however, when in In The Cut was released, Alison would have been 42.

Alison Owen (pictured here with Harvey Weinstein and producer John Hart) worked closely together for years. Source: Getty Images

A spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein told the story was “false” and insisted he had a great relationship with Lily’s mum.

“Mr. Weinstein considers Alison Owen a great producer with whom he has only had a terrific working relationship,” the statement read. “To Ms. Allen’s story, facts must matter when it comes to allegations as serious as these, and when a story contains a blaring falsehood, the entire account must be questioned. Here, it is both untrue and defamatory.”

Lily appeared via satellite from London in promotion of her new album No Shame. Source: Channel 7.

“In fact, Ms. Owen was 42 years old when In the Cut was being made, not in her early twenties as Ms. Allen declared in the very same moment she also conveyed that outrageous fiction about Weinstein.”

Lily appeared on Interview while promoting new album, No Shame.

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