Lily Allen admits she deliberately slept with best friend Miquita Oliver’s pop star crush

Lily Allen has been called out by her best friend Miquita Oliver for intentionally sleeping with her celebrity crush.

The pop star, 39, who co-hosts the Miss Me podcast with Oliver admitted she’d flown to Japan to seduce a pop star who her lifelong friend had told her she had feelings for.

Allen showed no regret for the disloyalty and said pop stars were “fair game” and she “didn’t care” that she had double crossed Oliver.

Bringing up the betrayal on their shared podcast, Oliver said Allen had “sabotaged” her in the early noughties when they were both still teenagers.

“There was a pop star,” she said, keeping the celebrity anonymous. “I found out that he fancied me. I told Lily that I liked him. Cue Lily, gets herself to a festival in Japan and seduces him.”

Allen admitted she had flown to Japan to deliberately “lock that one in”.

She added: “I fancied him, so I was getting mine. By the way, I think pop stars are fair game, like, I don’t care.”

Oliver replied: “If I didn’t hate you so much for it, I would have applauded you. It was admirable.”

Childhood friends Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver co-host the ‘Miss Me’ podcast (BBC Sounds/PA)
Childhood friends Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver co-host the ‘Miss Me’ podcast (BBC Sounds/PA)

The “Smile” singer told her best friend in a previous episode of their podcast she had sex with a TV star when she was “very young”.

"I actually don’t know when I lost my virginity, is that bad?” she asked, adding the experience had been “pretty traumatising”.

Allen and Oliver previously appeared on the Radio Times podcast, where the singer claimed she believes that having children “ruined” her career in pop music.

“My children ruined my career,” she told host Kelly-Anne Taylor. “I love them and they complete me, but in terms of pop stardom, they totally ruined it.”

Allen has two daughters with her ex-husband Sam Cooper: Ethel Mary, born in 2011, and Marnie Rose, born in 2013. She moved to New York with her children in 2020, where she has a home with her husband, Stranger Things star David Harbour.

Continuing her point, Allen said she was frustrated by the notion that you could be equally successful as a parent and in your career.

“Does not mix,” she said. “I get really annoyed when people say you can have it all because, quite frankly, you can’t.”

Miss Me is available now on BBC Sounds.