Pilot injured as light aircraft makes emergency landing

An experienced pilot of a light aircraft has been injured after making an emergency landing on a freeway in Melbourne's southeast.

The small plane made an abrupt landing in a ditch about 30 metres from the Peninsula Link, near Robinsons Road at Frankston South, on Tuesday about 11am.

Pilot Graham Hoskings received minor injuries from the landing, telling 7 News the aircraft was "sputtering" so he decided to put it down.

The 69-year-old aviator said he was aiming for nearby Robinsons Park reserve, but spotted the fence at the last moment and changed course to end up in the ditch.

Mr Hoskings, who said he had been been flying since he was a teenager, was the sole occupant of the plane,

No one else was injured in the incident, however the aircraft received substantial damage, police have confirmed.

Police are currently on scene.

The freeway was also the site of an emergency landing in June 2012, when the pilot of that light plane found it difficult to navigate through thick fog.

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